Ondura Roofing for Goat Shelters

I own a small homestead with farm animals and built numerous shelters for the animals to get out of the sun and weather. For the roofs, I was looking for something that was lightweight and easy for a one-man installation (one-man being only me…LOL). I used the ONDURA product I found at Lowes. It took only two sheets to easily and completely cover the goat shelters. I chose this product over tin roofing because I was afraid that rain/hail hitting a tin roof would distress the animals. When I am milking the goats and it is raining it is very peaceful in the barn. It turned out it withstood the hail storm we just had with quarter size hail, no damage. Not to mention it won’t rust like the tin will. The ONDURA was very easy to work with and easy to cut. Also, it’s supported by purlins, so I didn’t have the extra cost of plywood or OSB which is needed to support regular shingles. I built another building that had a gable roof that I used the ONDURA on and found that they even offer a ridge cap in the matching colors. They also offer nails that match the color of the roofing. I have 8 buildings/shelters on the homestead that have had the ONDURA roofing on them for 3 years. I am very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it for any Homestead/DIY project.

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